Creosote Affects is a national, award-winning educational marketing and branding agency. We partner with schools of almost every kind, including colleges and universities and day and boarding independent schools to advance their important work. For nearly 20 years, Creosote has delivered unprecedented results for admissions and advancement efforts.

We dig deeply into a school’s values to develop strategies that engage important audiences no matter how they are tuned in. We explore innovative ideas to disrupt the status quo. And, our talents are all in-house—offering access to our expertise without any strings.

This is a place where the researcher’s mind meets the writer’s heart. Where strategic thought meets design brilliance. Where courage meets accountability. Where marketing intelligence meets marketplace generalizations with a punch in the gut. And where your ambitions can actually meet your budget.

Our agency is headquartered at the crossroads of Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland near the Catoctin Mountains in the college town of Emmitsburg, Maryland.

People are at the heart of every brand.


Our name has no direct connection to any reference of “creosote.” The firm is not named after Mr. Creosote, the wood preservative, or the desert bush.

“Creosote” is used to act as a metaphor for how we positively impact perceptions to deliver results.