Shore Country Day School

Admissions, Advancement and Branding

It’s a no-brainer that being known as an academic powerhouse with competitive athletics in a region is a good thing. Yet for Shore Country Day School on Boston’s North Shore, their competition was gaining ground by framing these qualities negatively. Shore needed help to take back their brand—and that’s where Creosote Affects came in.

Through intensive qualitative, quantitative, secondary and immersive research, we identified a positioning strategy expressed through the theme “Be Sure. Be Shore.” The campaign brought Shore’s brand to life and played on the word “sure” by implying to parents they can be sure their child will be smart, strong and confident at Shore.

We designed a print viewbook, featuring original and memorable photography, including the cover photo of a young boy being swung in circles, smiling happily into the camera. Many pictures were full-page, showcasing Shore’s “larger than life” position and helping audiences feel what it’s like to draw in the art classroom, climb the rock wall in the gym, or get amped up on the bus before a baseball game. Next to these photographs were enlarged quotes from Shore faculty, parents and alumni, allowing the viewer to genuinely feel what Shore is all about.

Creosote Affects_Shore Country Day School Viewbook

The following year Shore was fully enrolled with the largest inquiry pool it had seen in the past 10 years. And after three years of saturating the market with our successful campaign, it was time for a refresh. Because community members could always recognize Shore students from their impeccable character and intellect, the “Be Sure. Be Shore.” campaign evolved into “Unmistakably Shore.”

Creosote has been Shore’s committed and comprehensive branding and marketing partner for more than seven years. For admissions, we’ve executed everything from branding and awareness ads to direct mail segmentation. For advancement, we delivered annual fund communications to capital campaign strategy. We also designed their 75th anniversary event package and school signage. Not only did prospective parents and students notice our work and its positive effects on the school—so did the competition. As other schools have followed Shore’s lead in their own branding and marketing campaigns, we’ve helped Shore stay one step ahead.

Shore Country Day School — Microsite

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For Shore’s current capital campaign, the school trusted us to develop a compelling narrative, highlighting the goals and impact on Shore’s future. Because the finest things in life are what inspire us, what humble us and what we give to those we love, the “At Our Finest” capital campaign was created. Once Shore’s endowment goal is achieved, it will allow for the finest curriculum, the finest teachers, and the ability to uphold the standard of excellence that has defined Shore since its beginning.

At Our Finest Campaign

To harness the energy behind Shore’s vision, our team delivered a concept that included an interactive solution to use during visits with key donors, an elegant and comprehensive case statement, a microsite to keep the entire community informed and various supporting print pieces. The materials have immediate impact through imagery, creative design and editorial that speaks sincerely about campaign goals and makes the case for supporting faculty, financial aid, programs and campus improvements. We even sent out a unique invitation for a campaign dinner with an accompanying handwritten invitation from the head of school. Creative, personal touches like this are what our clients expect from us. And we always deliver.

Three years into the five-year campaign, At Our Finest has raised $15.8 million toward a $20 million goal.

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