Data drives. Directs. Delivers.

Creosote’s proven discovery process delivers the data and analysis to powerfully align your institution’s core values with their relevance in your marketplace. Through qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the findings inform the development of creative and marketing strategies that deliver unprecedented results.

In fact, this is our firm’s founding principle; replace the limitations of perceived value with far more valuable perspectives to fuel market performance. Beyond establishing the foundation for all branding efforts, Creosote’s research arms leadership with actionable recommendations for immediate and long-range planning.

Creosote’s robust methodologies include:

  • In-Person Qualitative Activities, Moderation and Observations
  • Quantitative Instrument Construction, Deployment, Data Collection and Analysis
  • External Perception Assessments
  • In-Person Brand Workshops
  • Target Market Analyses
  • Demographic Studies
  • Audience Segmentations
  • Consumer Lifestyle Trend Analyses
  • Prospective Audience Journey Assessments
  • Brand Audits
  • Competitive Positioning Assessments
  • Analytics & SEO Tracking

Branding without consumer insight is just guessing.