Gallaudet University

University Website and Admissions Materials

Gallaudet University had recently engaged in extensive branding research efforts. It chose Creosote to create a brand expression and develop a new website and supporting undergraduate admissions marketing materials that would fully implement the findings from its other partners.

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First, we used the “Connect. Discover. Influence.” tag line developed by Stamats as a springboard to clearly and powerfully convey Gallaudet’s unique position as the world’s only university designed for deaf and hard of hearing students. Our web and print concepts paired text and imagery with a new headline—“There is no other place like this in the world”—to convey Gallaudet’s global reach and impact. The headline was immediately embraced by the campus community and used in everything from banners to magnets. The suite of admissions materials we developed is in its first season on the road.


Building upon the website evaluation and recommendations from Ruffalo Noel Levitz, we developed a new site organization and design that will strengthen the university website as an undergraduate marketing tool while also making it easier to navigate and more attractive for all users. A dynamic introductory video on the home page will engage and welcome audiences as it illustrates the university’s accessibility and academic advantages. A limited number of strategic navigational choices will allow each audience to quickly find compelling content that suits their specific needs.

In March 2016, we launched a 90-page admissions microsite for Gallaudet accessed through a new, temporary university home page. This interim measure allowed the university to implement the new pages we wrote, designed and developed for undergraduate marketing while it continues to develop the full site.

Visit the interactive solution at

Within two days of launch, the introductory video had been viewed 817 times. There were more than 5,500 visitors each day, with at least 75 percent visiting admissions-focused pages such as Attending Gallaudet, Academics at Gallaudet, Life at Gallaudet and Admissions.

Stay tuned for further results!