The Governor’s Academy

Admissions and Branding

The Governor’s Academy in Massachusetts is our nation’s oldest continuously operating boarding school, yet has embraced innovation in the classroom from its beginning in 1763. Tasked with identifying and revealing its brand through an integrated admissions marketing strategy, Creosote chose to highlight this balance of traditional and progressive elements through the creative expression “Always Governor’s.” A sense of longevity and pride as well as a promise of what Governor’s will do for students is immediately conveyed. To showcase the message, we developed a comprehensive interactive solution.

The Governor's Academy — Interactive Viewbook

Peter Mason, director of marketing and communications at the Governor’s Academy, said, “Before working with Creosote I was skeptical that one agency could successfully handle exhaustive research, the creative expression, and successful implementation. … My opinion has completely changed. … The work we have done together is unique and innovative and has led to real results.”

In the first three months after its launch, totaled roughly 700 unique page views, and inquiries rose 60 percent compared to the previous fall. Those are the kind of results our clients can expect us to deliver. Always have. Always will.

To garner such notable results, Creosote created a high-quality, impressive print viewbook along with supporting print materials that drove prospective families to visit the interactive solution.

The other pieces we developed also embodied the creative expression in innovative ways. The envelope of the acceptance package we designed for Governor’s features the school’s seal designed by Paul Revere as well as the theme “Always Governor’s” in a modern font, which artfully contrasts with the seal. Like unwrapping a present, when students pulled back the “zipper” to open their acceptance packages, it elicited anticipation and excitement towards their futures at Governor’s. For our original yield piece, admitted students were sent a pair of stylish and branded Governor’s socks with “Take the Next Step” and “Welcome to Governors” printed on the packaging.

The Governor's Academy — Acceptance Package

Creosote continues to be Governor’s partner, returning for department-specific photo and video shoots, developing engaging print ads and continually updating messages in all admissions pieces.