The Haverford School

Research, Strategy and Print and Digital Admissions Materials

How do you persuade families of the benefits of an all-boys environment for their sons’ educational journeys when the competition is trying to portray you as no longer relevant to the desires and goals of today’s parents?

In the face of changing demographics and increased competition among Philadelphia Main Line schools, The Haverford School needed to showcase a bold position of excellence while avoiding negative connotations of elitism. It engaged Creosote Affects to conduct research and a competitor analysis, prepare core brand messages and produce targeted, powerful admissions marketing communications.

To convey the lasting value of an investment in a Haverford education—and, in particular, the value of beginning this journey at the early grades—our creative approach highlighted Haverford’s “best for boys” brand message in an inspiring, positive way. We developed compelling narrative that talks about how Haverford builds great men very intentionally, using inspiring language reminiscent of the hero’s journey and bringing to life all of the qualities of a great man. In a series of introductory videos and digital ads, we paired this with the voices of Haverford students and bold imagery of Haverford boys in action.

“We received so much more than new materials. Our community was reinvigorated, prospective families paid more attention to us, and we learned a lot about ourselves in the process. Creosote promised us there was no one who would work harder to get the right message to the right people—and they delivered.”

—Jessica Covello, Director of Marketing and Communications

Watch The Haverford School’s new admissions videos.

The new creative approach is bringing positive energy to admissions efforts, with parents and alumni requesting electronic and print copies of materials to share with friends and family. The Facebook campaign that is soon to begin is expected to build on this momentum.