Marietta College

Research, Strategy, Creative and Comprehensive Brand Guide

Recently, Marietta College endured a period of tremendous institutional transition. With an outgoing president, an admissions office led by an interim vice president and turnover in the college’s finance leadership, the Marietta community had lost its brand identity. Marietta needed a partner to perform a brand study, communitywide brand training and brand rollout, all of which would help unite the school under one purpose.

After several on-campus visits, community surveys, competitor reviews, an external perception study and quantitative demographic research, Creosote Affects developed the branding theme, “Bring Forth a Pioneer.” The theme is a rallying cry for Marietta College, calling upon the school’s students, leadership, faculty, staff and alumni to unite in one mission. Serving as Marietta’s mascot, the “Pioneer” seeks to work hard, open new frontiers and embrace adventure. The theme urges prospective students to “take a road trip” and endorses Marietta’s remote Appalachian location, promoting the easy access to outdoor activities, the charming hometown feel and the safe, quiet environment in which students excel academically.

Creosote’s comprehensive branding efforts included a comprehensive brand guide, introductory video, admissions search efforts, print viewbook and brand training sessions for the communications and admissions staff.

As a result of Creosote’s brand rollout and the excitement it has generated:

• The college community has been galvanized.

• An eight-year decline in class size has been reversed.

• First-year enrollment has increased by 12 percent.

This year Creosote will be partnering with Marietta to rollout an accepted students video, social media video productions and student life, leadership and athletic brochures.