Newark Academy


Newark Academy charged Creosote Affects with developing a fresh brand expression using existing research that would allow prospective families an immersive experience of what it’s like to be a learner at its school. It was vital we make clear the value of a Newark Academy education, as well as define what makes the Academy unique in Northern New Jersey’s independent school market.

Newark Academy has realness: a warmth and lack of pretention that we felt right away. Conversations with the Upper and Middle School principals and student groups, as well as our classroom visits, impressed on us the genuine intellectual ethos of the school. The Academy is able to take education seriously, yet it approaches learning with joy and humor. To reflect its distinct personality, we made sure the tone of our editorial was frank and sincere, the design classic but dimensional. “Let’s get to the heart of what matters about a school” is a main focal point on the covers of both the interactive and mini viewbook.

Newark Academy — Viewbook and Interactive Viewbook

The introductory video in the interactive viewbook points readers to the fundamentals of an exceptional education—from the teachers, students and environment to the curriculum—evoking the feeling of warmth and energy the campus radiates.

The viewbook’s organization offers users multiple ways of navigating, continually building interest and excitement as prospective families click or tap between pages—much like the vibrant environment and educational philosophy that was revealed to us on campus. The initial pages have clean, simple layouts and incorporate black and white photography. The black and white images are reflective of Newark Academy’s tradition, experience and history: they are quickly brought to life as they change to duotone images or have full-color images immediately following.

Newark Academy — Mini Viewbook

In both the interactive viewbook and the mini viewbook, the tone we elicited appeals to parents who have high expectations, but who also want their child to be happy and become a person of intellect, conscience and action.

In its first three months, the interactive solution attracted 1,400 users, 75 percent of whom were new visitors. Many remained on the site for a significant amount of time rather than immediately bouncing away. Among their target market users, the bounce rate was 30 percent, which is considerably lower than average.

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