Potomac State College

Print Publications and TV Spot

Potomac State College of West Virginia University had established the theme “Realize What’s Possible,” but they needed a partner to help them prepare a fresh creative expression of the theme that would resonate with their students. Creosote got right to work.

Road Piece

We recommended a new face for the tagline “Realize What’s Possible” to establish the statement as a strong visual presence. The “stamp” treatment of the tagline reflects the journey that students begin at Potomac State. It may be perceived as a “stamp” of approval or a passport “stamp”—both positive interpretations for students on their way to realizing their goals.

To help Potomac State reach enrollment goals, we prepared a traditional suite of admissions materials: a viewbook, several brochures, radio scripts, a billboard ad and a TV spot. In all pieces, the tagline is supported by solid examples of alumni success, always accompanied by the stamp as a visual cue to inspire and motivate prospective students. We also used popular social media channels as a basis for a secondary design element. The Pinterest-like layout presents important information and distinguishing facts in a manner that’s relevant to the college’s student audience.

Potomac State College — Viewbook

The TV spot showcases students engaging in several activities at Potomac State—learning in the classroom, walking across campus, spending time with friends in their dorms. The constant panning of the video clips paired with the upbeat music creates a fun and high-energy vibe that successfully embodies the Potomac State experience. All the while, the on-screen text boasts the school’s many features: small classes, low cost, championship athletics.

Don Schafer of Potomac State’s coaching staff described our agency as one that “combines the newest technologies and trends with old-school customer service and results.”

Impressed by our work with their tagline’s new creative expression, the viewbook and the TV spot, Potomac State recently reached out to us to create a brochure for their up-and-coming sustainable agriculture degrees. Check back for photos once it’s finished.

Visit Potomac State College’s website, which incorporates our new design approach.