Eastern Connecticut State University


The challenge: Eastern Connecticut State University was unsure of its brand or how to describe it. It was vital Creosote Affects prepare a new creative brand expression for Eastern, helping them stand out among the many in-state options available to Connecticut students—including more than a dozen private colleges and five other public universities. Most importantly, Eastern needed to be true to themselves and their market.

Conversations with students and professors led Creosote to develop a concept that conveyed the personality and unique benefits of this small, public liberal arts school. Those who make up the strong community at Eastern are respected and cared for as individuals. As a result, students gain a sense of integrity and responsibility.

This idea of truly looking at each person as an individual who is part of a larger community inspired a theme that allowed us to highlight the personality and characteristics of “Those Who Are Eastern.”

Because Eastern needed a creative and original way for their message to be shared, an interactive viewbook, along with an accompanying print viewbook, was an ideal way to demand prospective students’ attention.

We strategically chose photo and video subjects that would engage the audience. Key to connecting with potential students was helping them see themselves at Eastern, and helping them see students “just like them” achieving success through the university. Throughout both pieces, statements like “Those who think broadly aren’t without focus” and “Those who pursue dreams aren’t without careers” assert the advantages of a liberal arts education.

Eastern Connecticut State University — Viewbook

In its first recruitment season, the interactive viewbook received nearly 9,000 page views, with as many as 94 sessions in one day. Many new students have joined those who are Eastern: freshman enrollment rose 9 percent from the previous fall.

Eastern was astounded by how well-coordinated the entire process was from start to finish. Creosote’s creativity, impeccable organization and ability to meet deadlines led to compliments from several Eastern administrators, including Ed Osborn, director of university relations.

Ed said, “I have never worked with an agency that combined professionalism and creativity to such a high degree. From detailed MOUs to on-campus processes, Creosote provided a stronger sense of the perimeters of our work than any vendor I have had previously. At the same time, their level of creativity, both in terms of ideas and execution, was top-notch. Most importantly, my staff and I had a great time working with the Creosote team. It was truly a partnership experience, fun and rewarding. We love the work they did for us.”

The work we did at Eastern not only changed public perception, it changed how they saw themselves.

Visit the interactive solution at ThoseWhoAreEastern.org.